Should You Kiss Your Crush?

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Do you REALLY wonder if you should kiss your crush or just take it slow with him? Do you think you should go on a date or just be friends? Well if you are reading this and taking this quiz then you are in luck!!! I am also a girl who is experiencing this! I haven't kissed him yet, but I'm going to take this quiz too and see if I can kiss my crush too!!! I wish you luck and I hope you wish me luck too!!! :)

Are you curious if that certain person is right for you to kiss or someone just to be friends with? If you are wondering this or something similar you are in luck! This quiz will show you the ins and outs of love, also there is some advice in each column for what to do! I am a girl going though this stuff, so trust me!

Created by: Alyssa
  1. Do you really like your crush?
  2. When you talk to your crush, which part of him do you stare at?
  3. When you see your crush does your heart skip a beat, you feel woozy, etc.?
  4. Do your friends think he is the perfect match for you?
  5. Does your crush know you like him?
  6. Do you know if your crush likes you?
  7. What do you predict the future will be like for you two?
  8. When he stares at you and you catch him does he:
  9. What would be the date that would be most romantic ( if you aren't allowed to date yet, just imagine)
  10. Do you guys ( gals) like the same music?
  11. Do you think this test was good( won't affect score)

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Quiz topic: Should I Kiss my Crush?