Should you go to College?

Hello! Just a little quiz here to get you thinking. College is an expensive higher education system to Americans, to other countries, it is just good ole higher education.

Nurse, Doctor, lawyer - all of these are carrers that result from college (a lot of it!) Just a fun quiz I made that should hold no real heavy weight, but lets see if you have what it takes.

Created by: scolionophobia

  1. First of all, do you want to go to college?
  2. Do you know alot about why people go to college?
  3. Do you have an idea of what you want to do already?
  4. Do you not hate school?
  5. Do things usually come to you easy?
  6. Do you have problems with accepting failure?
  7. Do you rely on cheating? (academic wise)
  8. Do you consider yourself to be hardworking?
  9. Are you good with time management?
  10. Are you open to the thought of a trade program or any other alternative to going straight to college?
  11. Im just going to acknowledge that im a 19 year old girl. Im not a professional in any way shape or form. I made this quiz out of boredom. I do not think these qualities should determine if you should go or not especially since half of the qualities in the quiz can change over time.

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Quiz topic: Should I go to College?