Should you get fat?

I've only seen one other quiz like this, so I thought I'd try my hand at making one. Please tell me whether or not it's good, I hope that you enjoy it

This quiz involves some role play questions, and I understand, your reaction may not be listed. Just chose the one most like what you would do in this situation. Have fun!

Created by: Wolfy
  1. How much do you want to gain?
  2. On Thanksgiving, how much do you eat?
  3. Role play time! Imagine this: you've gained ten pounds, and go to PE class in school. On the half mile warm up, you only get halfway done before stopping to walk. "Why are you walking?" Your PE teacher asks. You respond:
  4. You've gained 20 pounds, and in health class, you raise your hand to answer a question, which causes your shirt to come untucked and stomach to fall out and hang over the waistband of your pants. To make it worse, the question was about fat cells "I wanted you to answer the question, not give us an example." The professor says. You?
  5. After gaining 40 pounds, your stomach rests on your lap when you sit down and when not tucked in while standing hangs down to your crotch, your butt (and breasts if you're a girl) wobble a lot when you walk (which is more of a waddle at this point), and you have 2 and a half chins. Your opinion?
  6. You've gained 50 pounds, and have been excused from PE. The health teacher has been suspended for abusing students, life is good. Except your frenemy who hates you with all her heart won't leave you alone. If you don't let her come near you, you get in trouble for bullying, and since she's a total teacher's pet, if you try to say otherwise, you get in trouble for lying. One day at lunch, she sits next to you with her salad, takes one look at you and calls you a gross, fat pig. You?
  7. After gaining 70 pounds, your dad takes you in for your annual checkup. When the doctor sees you, he gasps. After stepping on the scale, the doctor informs you that at the rate you're gaining, you'll be immobile in less than six months. You?
  8. You've gained 100 pounds! To celebrate, your boyfriend/girlfriend invites you to their house for dinner and a movie! You squeeze into an L dress (for girls) or a L suit (for boys). It's really tight, but it shows all of the flaps of flab that cascade from your tummy, chin, arms, legs and butt. You know that if you eat too much, the seams will burst, and you'll be in your undergarments, but you look so good. After a huge dinner of spaghetti carbonara with a dessert of a quarter of a cake, you see the stitches of your clothes straining, and you know that if you take a few more bites, the outfit will explode. But when he/she offers you popcorn, you can't resist. After cramming a handful in your mouth, the seams split, and you're standing in the ruins of a nice outfit, your belly hanging down almost to your knees, your butt sticking partially out of your underpants. You?
  9. If you could have any pet, what would you be?
  10. Last but not least, did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Should I get fat?