Should you get a Cat or a Dog? Let's find out!

Are you looking for a pet but can't decide to either pick a dog or a cat? Well we are here to help you find out what pet would fit you best! A cat or a dog!

This quiz was made with a small tablet and there may be imperfections. But don't worry, i will be getting to my pc soon and we will also have images in future quizzes. Sorry for the inconvenience. (If it is one) 🙂

Created by: Thekift2023
  1. First of all, what are you aiming for?
  2. How active do you want your pet to be?
  3. You want your pet to be...
  4. Do you care about cleanliness?
  5. Do you want to walk your pet to the park?
  6. Do you want a protective pet?
  7. Do you like to take your pet to the vet?
  8. Are you more of an....
  9. What size do you want your pet to be?
  10. What would you prefer?
  11. You encounter a baby kitten in an alley, you...
  12. How about it was a puppy?

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Quiz topic: Should I get a Cat or a Dog? Let's find out!