Should you be a boy or a girl [very stereotypical]

People are born. And when they are born, they have genders, and they are dressed and bought stuff for accordingly. Why am I putting simple information on here? Some peoples minds don't match their gender, and they usually want a gender change.

Take this test to find out if your mind matches your "equipment". I don't judge, honestly. WARNING: This test is very stereotypical and those who don't like stereotypes, do not take this test.

Created by: alex014
  1. Do you like to play football?
  2. Do you love to shop?
  3. Do you play Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Ghost Recon?
  4. Do you call or friends "Girlfriend" or "Boyfriend"
  5. Do you know what a Maghine gun is?
  6. How many shoe do you own.
  7. Do you like One Direction
  8. Where do you shop?
  9. What is a designer store?
  10. Who is the cutest in One Direction

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Quiz topic: Should I be a boy or a girl [very stereotypical]