Should you Babysit?

Babysitter (BAbe-sider) NOUNA person who looks after a baby or child while parents are out. AKA a parent lifesaver. LOLThis fun quiz show you if you are babysitter material. Comment down below if you are happy with your score and if you have ever babysat a child. Thanks for playing!

Babysitter Tips from A Babysitter:- Take an online American Red Cross test- Study the A Smart Girl's Guide to Babysitting book- Practice as a "Mother's Helper" (google it)

Created by: Anonymous
  1. How old are you?
  2. Have you taken a CPR/First Aid/Babysitters class?
  3. Have you babysat before?
  4. If you answered yes for question 3, what age group is the oldest you've ever sat for?
  5. Do you like kids?
  6. You are babysitting for a family with an 8 year old boy. He needs help with his math homework. Uh-oh. Math is not your strongest subject.
  7. The boy finished his math homework, and now he is hungry. What do you feed him?
  8. Now you are hungry! What do you eat?
  9. After reading the boy a story, he just wont go to sleep. You call the parents to find out what's the matter, and they explain that he is afraid of lightning. You...
  10. The boy is FINALLY asleep. You're feeling kind of tired now too. You barely got any sleep the night before. Yawn. You...
  11. You are watching two toddlers. They are fighting over a toy truck. What do you do?
  12. A girl is crying about not being able to ride her bike without a helmet.
  13. What do you watch with a four year old girl?
  14. You are throwing a ball back and forth with one of your charges. The ball rolls into the basement. The parents have told you not to go into the basement. What do you do?
  15. A kid is choking on a non-food object! Quick! What do you do?!
  16. What do you charge for sitting?
  17. Is it okay to wear a necklace on the job?
  18. Is it okay to wear a long sleeved professional-looking shirt on the job?
  19. What is your favorite toy?
  20. Did you like the quiz? (not a part of the quiz)

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