Is Your Child Mature/Responsible Enough To Start Babysitting

Here is a quiz that's been made just for parents of children who are questioning what kind of requirements, personal qualities, & mentality they might/must have in order to watch another child of a younger age to start officially & become consistently a routine babysitter for someone in need of one. This quiz should not only outline what is needed but also show where your child is at as far as mentality in responsibility. It will also show watch exactly your child would need to do, be, and accomplish in order to be a responsible, trustworthy, and receding their own age in maturity enough to become a regular babysitter.

If you have a child of at least the age of 10 to 16, who's asking about, or is want to start babysitting, although you are unsure that your child is ready, responsible and mature enough to. If you want to be sure that they are ready, mature, & responsible enough to do so .. this test has been setup to outline exactly what your child needs or how they need to be, in order to be ready, appropriately show the required & very much needed amount of maturity & display above & beyond the age appropriate limits of responsibility to babysit any child of a younger age.

Created by: Ashley Bagley Swango
  1. This is the very 1st time you're offered a babysitting job, watching 2 children. 1 is a 4yr old girl named Brittany & the other is a 2yr old boy named Devon. Their mother has asked you to watch them for 3hrs. She then offers & gives you "her" opinion on what she thinks the job is worth- which is $8. What do you do? Is that a fair & reasonable price?
  2. Before their mother leaves, she reminds you of a list tasks & care instructions that she wants you to do. Some of the items on the list are things that you don't know how to do, don't think you should have to do, don't want to do, or want more money to do. What you do? What do you say to her?
  3. Their mother leaves & you look at the list of tasks & instructions. 1st task is: Feed the kids a healthy dinner. Following that is specific instructions & information stating:✅Brittany is allergic to peanuts, she doesn't like cottage cheese ( if given to her- she WILL spit it on the floor ). NOTE: watch her closely because she often will get into the refrigerator to sneak cheese & if she gets it & eats even a small amount, more than I normally give her, she will get constipated, as it seems to happen very easily.Next is instructions for Devon..✅Devon doesn't like broccoli or cauliflower. He often will get nauseated &/or diarrhea when eating cheese, as he is lactose intolerant. So please keep the cheese away from him too.After reading the specific things for both Devin & Brittany, there's also another NOTE: please no caffeine, nothing real sweet or sugary, & no candy. So keeping all that in mind.. what do you make for the kids that will abide by the instructions.. especially if you DON'T KNOW HOW to really cook, both kids are whining, fighting each other, & constantly trying to grab everything?
  4. After eating their dinner, Brittany comes to you, complaining her tummy hurts. You look at her & notice she has one of her hands behind her back & it has multiple clear wrappers sticking out between her fingers. Then suddenly it dawned on you & becomes clear that she has gotten into the cheese. Unaware of how much she's eaten, you become worried, scared, & concerned for her well-being. How do you handle this? How do you take care of her, make her feel better & treat her for this problem?
  5. You're sitting at the table reading the list of instructions that their mother has left for you to do, when suddenly, you hear Devon screaming bloody murder from within their playroom. You run into the room to to see why he's screaming & crying, only to find that Brittany has stabbed him with a pen. You believe you know what you're supposed to do & you think you know how to deal with this. However your not 100% sure what to do since you're a little frantic, scared, & after all this is the first time you've ever had to deal with anything like this, what do you do?
  6. Once that situation has been taken care of, the next task on the list, is..✅Give both kids a bath. How do you do this? Do you...
  7. Once their baths are finished, everything's been cleaned up, & they're both sitting happily on the couch watching cartoons in their PJs. You check the next task on the list. Which says help both kids brush their teeth.Never having to help someone brush their teeth before and I'm sure of how to do so you try to sit and think for a moment. How do you help a child brush their teeth? Do you...
  8. After getting their teeth brushed & everything ready for bed.. you decide to check the list to see what was next on the agenda. Next task on the list says ✅Check both kids. See if Devon has soiled his diaper & if Brittany has has had a potty accident before bed.Next✅Put them to bed then following that is a list of instructions for each child.For Devon: please be sure to first read him a book, tuck him in snugly, and then set his favorite teddy bear next to him. Also be sure that he has his stereo on at a low volume & when leaving the room- only have his door shut a quarter of the way.For Brittany: 1st, before bed, read her- her favorite book. After reading, be sure to turn on her princess light that's next to her bed. Then be sure to turn her TV on, set the TV turn limit on 2 hours, & be sure that it's on her favorite cartoon channel ( she will let you know what it is ). Finally, make sure that you she is tucked in even more than Devon. Especially since she likes to sneak out of her room so be sure to watch for that. After reading all the tasks & instructions you try to follow everything exactly as written. Unfortunately though, when you try to do so, both…
  9. Your asked to watch Brittany & Devon again-for an hour, while their mother runs to the store real quick. After she left, you notice Brittany walking into their playroom, carrying a pair of scissors. Then before you can get to their playroom, you hear Devon screaming "NO! Stop!" You walk into the room just in time to see Britney cutting Devon's hair with scissors. What do you do?
  10. While trying to be face to face & at eye level with Brittany.. you try to talk to her about what she did wrong with the scissor situation & why she's in trouble.. Brittany apparently didn't like or want to hear what was said, decides to slap you across the face. What do you do & how do you deal with it?

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