Should You and Charlie Sheen be F*buddies

Charlie Sheen is by far the most talked-about celebrity of the moment. So why wouldn't you want to take this quiz to figure out if...well....don't you wanna know?

By the way, why does gotoquiz require you to have a two-paragraph intro? Like who reads these anyway? I don't...........................Carry on....

Created by: Leslie Chow
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  1. What are you doing on a friday night?
  2. What kind of car do you drive?
  3. How old do you think Charlie Sheen is
  4. Do you care if you are simply known as "the gold digger" (Goddess!!!)
  5. Do you like attention from the media at all times
  6. Did you model for an, er... interesting.. magazine, or other semi-illegal somethings?
  7. What's the tune in the opening for "Two and a Half Men"?
  8. Do you enjoy getting in trouble
  9. Do you find his crazy eyes and his manic smile attractive (please say no)
  10. Do you hate when people ask if you liked the quiz and if you will rate it
  11. One last thing...

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Quiz topic: Should I and Charlie Sheen be F*buddies