Shadows Of Love Part 4

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Do you believe him? Is Megan really his sister? What does the key open? There are two many questions rattling through your head; you must find the truth.

This is your fifth date. Heh, if you can even call it a date. Call me insecure, you think, But I have my suspicions. And here you are, ready to find out.

Created by: UnLoving

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  1. It's your fifth date, if you could even call it that.
  2. Your anger gets the best of you and you beat that door
  3. He opens the door. "Oh, hello Laura." His smile is large and welcoming. You say...
  4. His smile fades. "I love you."
  5. He sits on the couch.
  6. He stands up. "Look, there's something we need to talk about."
  7. He motions toward his dining room. "C'mere."
  8. "Will you still love me after you see this?" His hand rests on a doorknob with a door camouflaged behind it. The door blends in with the wallpaper.
  9. He stops. "I don't know about this."
  10. He opens it. "Please don't stop loving me. This is nothing more than a deep, dark shadow that hovers over our love."

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