Server Security Self-Evaluation Checklist

This is a quiz designed to tell you how secure your server security is. There are four ratings Very Secure, Secure, Weak, and Extremely Weak. You want a score of Very Secure or Secure. If you don't score secure then you should make some changes to your system and then retake the quiz.

Use this quiz to learn more about your system and also learn about things you can do to make it more secure. The quiz can be taken as many times as you want and it is encouraged.

Created by: quiz350

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  1. What is the age of the server hardware?
  2. Is the server in a climate controlled room? This means that it won't get to hot or too cold for the system, which could damage the system.
  3. Is it bolted down?
  4. When was the last time you backed up information on your computer?
  5. When was the last time you ran a virus, spyware, malware, or scumware program?
  6. Do you have outdated programs on your computer? Go to and download and run the Secunia PSI to find this answer.
  7. Are automatic updates turned on?
  8. Have you installed the latest windows update?
  9. Is the firewall turned on?
  10. How many unused accounts are there? Don't count the admin account as an account.
  11. Does anyone else share your account?
  12. What do your passwords look like?
  13. Are your passwords stored on or near your computer?
  14. Can a guest on your computer install a printer, load media, or format and eject removable media?
  15. Can a guest on your computer change passwords or use CTRL + ALT + DEL?
  16. Can a guest install and download programs from the internet?
  17. How long does it take before the computer goes into standby, hibernate, or logout?
  18. When logging onto the computer does it require a username and password?
  19. How often do you leave your computer connected to the internet?
  20. Do you open attachments in e-mail when you don't know who sent them?
  21. Do you open attachments in e-mail when you don't know who sent them?

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