Are You A Slick Willie's Freeloading S---bag?

A lot of people don't realize that people who work in the service industry (bars and restaurants) make $2.13 an hour. Basically, they make a living off of tips. The taxes they claim is a percentage of what they sell. So for instance, if you your tab is $100, your server pays $10 in taxes. If you don't tip, your server basically just paid to wait on you. Bottom line, don't forget to tip your server or bartender at least 15% of what your tab is. They work hard to take care of you so please take care of them too.

Are YOU a Slick Willie's Freeloader? I hope not because I work at Slicks and I'd hate to have you in my section if you were. But thanks to my quiz, you'll be able to find out if you are or not in just a few short minutes!

Created by: Ruby of Ruby
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  1. What percentage of your tab do you tip?
  2. Do You Expect Free Pool?
  3. Do You Asked To Get "hooked up" On Your Drinks?
  4. Do You Ever Pay For Anything At Slicks?
  5. Do You Expect Free Sodas When You're At Slicks?
  6. Do You Rack Your Table When You Are Finished Playing Pool?
  7. Do You Tip A Server, Bartender, or Both Every Time That You Come In?
  8. Do You Try To Jump On A Table With Someone Who Gets Free Pool So That You Don't Have To Pay?
  9. Do You Order Anything Else Besides Water While You're At Slicks?
  10. Do You Ask How Much It Is Every Time You Order Something?
  11. Why Do You Ask For A Certain Server's Section?
  12. Do You Sit At The Bar and Keep Your Tab With A Server That's On The Floor?
  13. Do You Keep A Tab With The Bartender When You Are At A Table That Has A Waitress Or Waiter That Takes Care Of You?
  14. Who Is Your Favorite Bartender?
  15. Who Is Your Favorite Server?
  16. Who Is Your Favorite Manager?
  17. Who Is Your Favorite Barback?
  18. If You Don't Work At Slicks, Do You Stay After Hours?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Slick Willie's Freeloading S---bag?