Financial Checkup

"70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck." "America currently has a NEGATIVE savings rate!" Most people are solely hoping for social security to fund their retirement. The truth is that the chances of social security being there at retirement is getting slimmer every year.

How is your financial health? By the world's standards, you might think you're doing pretty good. But what about by OUR standards? Take this quick test to see if you're on your way to being wealthy or broke.

Created by: Chris

  1. Are you (or your family) living on a written monthly budget?
  2. Do you and your spouse agree on a financial plan?
  3. Do you and your spouse fight over money?
  4. Have you recently considered bankruptcy?
  5. Do you have a Car Payment?
  6. Which describe's your vehicle buying behavior?
  7. How much do you owe on your vehicles?
  8. What percentage of your monthly take home pay goes towards your mortgage?
  9. What kind of mortgage do you have?
  10. Do you have an emergency fund?
  11. How much do you have in savings not including investments? (choose closest to your amount)
  12. What percentage of your income is invested into retirement? (closest to what you invest)
  13. At what age did you begin investing into retirement?
  14. How much do you currently have invested (other than retirement)?
  15. What do you have most of your money invested in?
  16. Do you have a will?
  17. Do you have Life Insurance?
  18. Do you believe that it is possible to be successful in our society without having any debt?

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