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SimplyDawn? Who is SimplyDawn? What is SimplyDawn? Where is SimplyDawn? Is she a Vampire? Is she a Werewolf? Or Is she a Dark Angel? Please tell me who it is.

SimplyDawn? I know who is SimplyDawn. I know what is SimplyDawn. I know where is SimplyDawn. She ain't no Vampire. She ain't no Werewolf and She ain't no Dark Angel.

Created by: Orange Fusion

  1. Hello CANDIES! How are you? I'm SimplyDawn.
  2. I know that you'll be wondering why i'm in a different profile. Am i right?
  3. I'm in a different profile because i'm no longer willing to use my old profile.
  4. By now you'll probably be wondering why i'm not willing to use my old profile. Am i right?
  5. I don't want to disclose my reasons for not willing to use my old profile.
  6. So, from now on this (Orange Fusion) is my profile and i will post my quizzes here etc., etc., and will never go back to my old profile (SimplyDawn).
  7. Talking about quizzes, i have my own story quiz series called, LOVER NOT A FRIEND.
  8. I don't know if i will continue it or not. But if i continue, the series will have some major changes and will be re-released from first part.
  9. I'm also thinking about creating another story quiz series with lots of Vampires and some Werewolves. But i'm really confused because i'm not sure that you CANDIES will like Vampires or not.
  10. So, that's it. I'll see you CANDIES later on. Until......
  11. Stay Delicious!

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