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Do you know a lot about Selena Gomez? You think so, but do you REALLY? Are you sure? Are you REALLY sure? Ask yourself that. Do you even know who Selena Gomez is?

Well, Selena Gomez is an amazingly talented singer and actress. She is currently 19 and has retired from her show. I am an expert about Selena Gomez, but are YOU? Take this test to find out!


  1. What is Selena Gomez's full name?
  2. When was she born?
  3. Where was she born?
  4. She grew up in a small town in....
  5. What is her mother's maiden name?
  6. What is her father's name?
  7. What is her stepfather's name?
  8. Who is her best friend?
  9. What was the name of her hit TV show?
  10. What is her hair like?
  11. What is her eye color?
  12. She starred on Barney with Demi Lovato at the age of 5.
  13. How many dogs does she have?
  14. What are her favorite candies?
  15. What is her favorite school subject?
  16. She is home-schooled.
  17. She is a huge Johnny Depp fan.

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