SecretlyUnspoken sucks!

SecretlyUnspoken sucks.

SecretlyUnspoken sucks!

Created by: awesomeness

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  1. First of all, SecretlyUnspoken, what kind of user name is that? Like she could ever keep her mouth shut or keep a secret!
  2. Her quizes are ALWAYS completely pointless, and NEVER make ANY sense!
  3. And who on earth is that Allissa she talks about nonstop?
  4. If you're SecretlyUnspoken, or like her, you are stupid and completely out of your mind.
  5. And who on earth listens to a band by the name of Care Bears On Fire? That's so stupid.
  6. I bet she made up all that stuff about getting hacked. Who ever would guess the password she would have chosen. Can she get any more stupid?
  7. Those lolsotrue quotes she told everyone to look up? Stupidest thing I've ever heard, besides SecretlyUnspoken herself.
  8. All in all, she sucks.
  9. Majorly.
  10. Gives me a headache.

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