School, School, School~ It sucks.

School, School, School~ It sucks. It sucks balls. I mean--I do have nice teachers, I do get an A-B range of grades (which is pretty good), but school's boring.

Don't you agree that school can be boring at times? I definitely do. Why or why don't you think that your school is probably really, really boring?

Created by: Kuro Neko

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  1. School absolutely sucks.
  2. I mean--I do have nice teachers and all, but I literally mean it sucks, because it's so boring.
  3. The education at my school is great, but as I said, it's boring.
  4. Every single school day, I get slapped at least 3 packets of homework. Seriously? I hate homework.
  5. Biology, Geometry, etc. I'm so sick of it! ..But I can't get rid of it.
  6. I DO indeed get an A-B grading range, but I don't like doing homework. At all.
  7. And this includes my rant about how school sucks xD. I'll see you all later.

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