Sasuke. Do You Know Him?

How well do you know the great Uchiha Sasuke? A little? A lot? Take this quiz and find out! Do you know enough about Sasuke to get all the correct answers?

Sasuke. He wants to restore his clan and destroy his brother. This is a short and easy quiz so if you know enough Naruto, you'll get all the right answers.

Created by: Hinata

  1. When is Sasuke's birthday?
  2. Who is Sasuke's best friend?
  3. Who does Sasuke want to kill?
  4. Who was Sasuke against in the final round of the chuunin exams?
  5. When Sasuke left Konoha, he is known as a...?
  6. The creator of Naruto had said there is a love triangle in Team 7. Who does it leave Sasuke liking?
  7. What are Sasuke's parents' names?
  8. Sasuke's hobbies are...?
  9. Sasuke leaves to Orochimaru because...?
  10. What is Sasuke's favorite foods?

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Quiz topic: Sasuke. do I Know Him?