Sarah's Life (Journal Entry #1)

Drama? Humor? Mystery? This has it all! Take a journey into Sarah's life with this simple "quiz". If you like this, Stay tuned for the next one! I make one every week.

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Created by: Gaby

  1. (Fill in the blanks with one of the answers) Sarah Lizzy Fullerton 8:03 AM 1/23/18 Ugh first period is so boring. The teacher is yapping on while I'm daydreaming about being on a date with ____. He's so dreamy!
  2. Sarah Lizzy Fullerton 1/23/18 Maybe I should try asking him out... Eh, I don't know. I'll just stay quiet. "Sarah?". ____ shook me up from my daydream. Just great.
  3. Sarah: I need your opinion on something Friend you chose on 2nd question: Sure, what's up Sarah: It's about (Crush you chose on 1st question) Friend: Oh um, ok Sarah: Should I tell (Crush)? Crush: Tell me what? Sarah: Um.... Crush: Uh, im just gonna go... ____: *rolls eyes* You have no idea how to talk to boys
  4. Enemy: I could give you some pointers... Sarah: Why should I listen to you? You stuck gum in my hair! Enemy: Only once... maybe twice? Sarah: Anyways, why do you want to help me? Enemy: I heard you made a 97 on your math test Sarah: So...? Enemy: I want you to tell me all the answers Sarah: Ha! Your funny. Enemy: I'm serious. So you better tell me or else Sarah: Or else what? Enemy: I'll tell (your crush) that you like him Sarah: What should Sarah do?
  5. Sarah Lizzy Fullerton 12:05 PM 1/23/18 I love lunch. I got a cheeseburger, fries, some chips and an orange juice. I sat with (best friend) and some of her friends. Sarah: Wanna hang at my place after school Friend: Sure Sarah: So anyways- *Sarah's crush sits down by her* Crush: Heyyyyyyy Sarah: Um, hi. *Tucks hair behind her ear and glances at her friend* Crush: Wanna hang out at my place after school? Sarah: Um... Friend: *mouths to Sarah* "It's ok" Sarah: ____
  6. If you answered "no" on the last question, go to the next question. If you said "yes" skip to question 8
  7. Sarah Lizzy Fullerton 4:32 PM 1/23/18 Friend: You really didn't need to do that... Sarah: It was a once in a lifetime opportunity but you know.. sisters before misters! Friend: Ok, but if you wanna go, you could go
  8. Sarah Lizzy Fullerton 1/23/18 4:32 Crush: So, I heard you like someone Sarah: *blushes* Um... Crush: Your cute when you blush Sarah: Did (enemy) tell you..? Crush: Yeah... Sarah: Great... Crush: This is why I invited you here.... Sarah: You like me? Crush: Yeah *Crush's phone rings. You glance at it and you see that (enemy) is calling him* Sarah: You have (enemy's) number?! Crush: Yeah, it wont take long *leaves to different room* *Runs out front door*
  9. Sarah Lizzy Fullerton 1/24/18 8:46 Sarah: *reads book waiting for class to start* Friend: *taps Sarah on shoulder* Hey Sarah, today is the 24th right Sarah: Yeah *phone vibrates* Sarah: *reads text from (crush): Today is the math test, right?* Friend: *snatches phone* No phones during class *snickers* Sarah: Give it back! It was from (crush)! Friend: Oooooh Teacher: Stop fighting girls, give that phone to me Sarah: Great... Teacher: Sarah, you may see me after class Sarah: ____
  10. Thank you for spending time on this! I hope your enjoyed this! Stay tuned for #2

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