Safety Quiz: Are you safe enough?

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Do think you have what it takes to be a safety pro? Then prove it with this quiz! Have fun. Just try your best and move on with your life. I am OBSESSED with safety and you should be to too.

(Maybe not too obsessed, but still!) Safety always comes first. Safety makes sure that you and everyone around you has a good time! You got this! GO FOR IT!

Created by: Glittergirl822
  1. A fire breaks out in school. What do you do?
  2. What do you do the first thing when you get in the car?
  3. What do you do if there is a lockdown (locks, lights, out of sight) at school. This means someone has broken in.
  4. You come to a crosswalk on your walk around town. You
  5. It is night time. What do you do before heading upstairs for bed?
  6. What do the red, yellow, and green lights mean?
  7. A sign in the park Says no pyrotechnics. Do you use fireworks?
  8. Is it your job to make sure everyone around you stays safe?
  9. Is it safe to be under breath tees during an earthquakes?
  10. Lastly, is it safe not to wash your hands after using the bathroom?

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Quiz topic: Safety Quiz: am I safe enough?