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How many times have you wanted to do something spectacular? Something no one would believe until you showed them. You can do that in an Rpg. But before you can be in an Rpg you need to know what skills you would be better at performing.

After all, you don't want to be a mage with a long sword or a warrior wearing heavy armor with a bow. Those are just dumb combinations. If you take this quiz it will give you a general idea of what you should be. So hurry up and take it. But don't forget to be honest.

Created by: Maric
  1. What do you picture yourself as while daydreaming?
  2. When you start to play a new Rpg and you have no idea what each class' strengths, weaknesses or skills are, which would you choose?
  3. Are/were you obediant to your parents?
  4. Do you get angry often?
  5. What type of personality do you think you have?
  6. An elephant has gone into a frenzy and tries to stomp on you, what stops the elephant?
  7. Imagine you are in school/collage listening to a teacher talk about something you don't care about. When suddenly an organized group of murderers come in with clubs and knifes and one of them holds your girlfriend/boyfriend hostage. What would you do if you could?
  8. The murderers run away (or die) and your girlfriend/boyfriend hugs you and asks you how you did that. What do you say?
  9. You need a new lock to put on your box with a bunch of cool stuff in it, how do you get one?
  10. Have you ever used a weapon in a fight? (other than fists or feet)
  11. Someone punched you in the face! Oddly your first instinct is to grab a book off the shelf. How do you use it?
  12. If you had a choice of medival weapons, what would you pick?
  13. If war were declared in the medival age where would you kill people from?
  14. Would you prefer to fight with one weapon or two?
  15. What would you rate your speed of mind? 1 being slowest and 5 being fastest
  16. Finally, would you like to attack fast and many times to down an opponate, or do a couple power swings?

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