Rory Hills High (P2)

Your name is Macy. You live in beautiful Rory Hills and you've just come out of junior high. Always the outcast and never really in anyone's "loop," you spent your preteen days alone--but it gave you a chance to get into a few advanced classes here and there your freshman year. And all that leads up to meeting Jack the sophomore, Dannon the junior, and Zack--the new freshman in town.

So which one will you fall for? Or will you leave them all in the pits? ** Riley: Shaggy brown hair and alluring blue eyes. Still getting over his summer love, Lennie the snowboard chick. ** Dannon: Shaggy blonde hair with green eyes. Loves to dirtboard, is the daredevil badboy type. ** Zack: Short black hair and chocolate brown eyes. New freshman in town, very friendly but reserved as well.

Created by: Murgy

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  1. "I'm back. Where're you going?" Your heart skips a beat as you hear Riley behind you. "I was, uh, nothing..." you stutter. Riley looks up. "Dannon?" he asks you, clearly shocked. "You and Dannon, huh," he laughs. "Good luck finding a ride home." He hands you your soda and walks away.
  2. "Now how am I going to get home?" you mutter to yourself. And just like in the movies, you expect to hear Zack up behind you offering you a ride. But...this isn't a movie. It's a story. So you're left alone to drown your sorrow in a glass of cola. Looking around you see all the couples and groups of friends. You also notice Dannon's lady friend telling him goodbye and heading in a different direction. So you decide to go and say hi. "Hey Macy," he says when he recognizes your voice. "Wow, you look great!" "Thank you, you don't look too bad yourself. I half expected you to be here in board shorts and giant sneakers," you joke. "So where's Riley?" Dannon asks you after a moment of silence. "Oh, he...he, uh...went to go say hello to a few other friends." "That's great. So what happened?" He caught your lie. So you tell him the whole story. "Oh, uh...that was my girlfriend," he admits. "But she's clingy," he quickly adds when he sees you look down.
  3. For some odd reason Dannon looks a bit irritated after you don't say anything for a minute. "Well, if you'll excuse me I'm going to go find my friends and see what they're up to." He up and walks away without another word, and you still sit there, trying to look nonchalant as you finish your soda.
  4. You decide to leave the party early, before it gets dark, so you can just walk home. When you get to your street you remember you're still in a party dress--you were originally going to stop by Zack's and explain everything, but you don't want to rub going to the party in his face. "Hey Mom," you say when you get home. "Back so soon, Mace?" "It's a bit of a long story. Is it okay if I take Zack to the hill?" You try not to sound too exhausted, or she might just send you to your room. "All right, be back by ten." Running to your room to change, you realize you have no idea what you're going to say when you see Zack.
  5. You run down your driveway and take the little trail from the street to Zack's front door. "Who is it?" a woman's voice comes from behind the door after you knock a few times. "Hi, my name is Macy, I'm one of Zack's friends? I live next door. Is he home?" "Sorry sweetheart," the woman answers opening the door. "Zack's out at a party. He actually said you would be there." "Wait a second...when did he leave, ma'am?" "He actually pulled out of the driveway just a few minutes ago. Headed east." "Thank you, and nice to meet you!" You assume the woman was Zack's mom, and you run to ask your mom for a ride back to the party.
  6. Your mom is driving you back to the party. "Macy, you didn't want to put your dress back on?" she asks you. "No, I'm fine," you say, making sure she hears your annoyed tone. You're watching out the window when you see Zack out on the hill, sitting and tearing apart blades of grass and looking to the sky. "Mom, uh...just drop me off here, please." Before she can ask you any questions, you're already out and walking away. "I won't need a ride home, thanks!" you call as she pulls away. As soon as she's out of site you break into a jog. ** Soon enough you're lying on your frontside facing Zack, telling him the whole story. "I understand," he says. "I'm not mad at you, and I'm sorry for making it seem that way. Truth be told, you're one of my first friends too. Back in California I didn't really have any friends." "Why's that? You're awesome," you say, in shock for the umpteenth time that night. "I was held back," he said. "But it was because my parents didn't put me into kindergarten until a year after the kids my age were in it. And in California that's not something you want to be stuck with for the sixteen years you're going through school." "So I'm guessing nobody else here knows," you observe, remembering one of the boys calling him 'little' Zackary somewhere in those few days you'd known them all. "Bingo." The two of you just lay there staring at each other for what seems like a long, long time.
  7. "One question," you say when you remember everything that'd happened only a couple of hours ago. "Well, actually two. First, why did you tell your mom you were...well. Going to the party?" Zack just shakes his head. "Macy...I didn't have many Californian friends, remember? She jumps off her nut trying to find friends for me if I can't make them myself. It's stupid." "I won't make you tell me any more, sounds harsh," you interrupt.
  8. "Next question," Zack jokes. You roll onto your back and look up at the sky. "" "Just ask me," he encourages as he rolls onto his back too. "What...what does the L on your necklace stand for?" you manage to blurt out. "Oh, that?" he says nonchalantly. But just before he continues you hear a horn honk--it's your mother.
  9. "C'mon, Macy," your mother calls from the rolled down window. "School night, it's ten o'clock." You turn to explain to Zack, but he speaks up before you can. "It's okay, understood. My parents made me go to bed at nine last year, you're not the only one with a "bedtime" instead of a curfew." You smile at him and roll to get up and run to the car. "Walk to school tomorrow?" you call over your shoulder. "I'll pick you up!" he says.
  10. You wake up to the doorbell ringing, and in shock look up at your alarm clock. "Five in the morning?" Stumbling out of bed to open the door you notice Dannon standing there with a single rose; you gasp and try to brush your frizzy hair down with your fingertips. "Can we go for a ride?" You peer over his shoulder to notice his black pickup. "Sorry for waking you up so early, but I want to talk to you."

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