Rory Hills High (Part 1)

You live in beautiful Rory Hills and you've just come out of junior high. Always the outcast and never really in anyone's "loop," you spent your preteen days alone--but it gave you a chance to get into a few advanced classes here and there your freshman year. And all that leads up to meeting Jack the sophomore, Dannon the junior, and Zack--the new freshman in town.

So which one will you fall for? Or will you leave them all in the pits? ** Riley: Shaggy brown hair and alluring blue eyes. Still getting over his summer love, Lennie the snowboard chick. ** Dannon: Shaggy blonde hair with green eyes. Loves to dirtboard, is the daredevil badboy type. ** Zack: Short black hair and chocolate brown eyes. New freshman in town, very friendly but reserved as well.

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  1. [I suggest you read the first paragraphs if you want to understand it all.] ** You take a breath and push the double doors open. "I never thought it would be so big," you think to yourself. You weren't able to make it for the open house segment a few weeks ago with all the teachers and the school. You start walking forward, looking down at your schedule. Math, science, photography.... You hear two or three kids giggling not far away, but you don't notice them very much. Before you know it you're pulled gently to the side and you feel someone's arm around your shoulder. Looking up, you notice the pole you nearly walked right into and the guy who pulled you away. "I'm Jack," he started. "I see you're new here." "So only freshman walk into things, right?" you joke. "Well, that's not what I meant. Where's your first class, kiddo?" You hand him the paper, a little ashamed that he called you 'kiddo.' "Math with Swift," Jack commented. "Me too!" Without any salutation, he hands you your paper and picks up pace down the hall.
  2. The bell rings, and as you're leaving math class you're wondering why you were put in a class with sophomores, rather the whole class of accelerated freshman. You start to walk toward your locker upstairs and notice another kid slightly taller than you focused on his schedule, just as you were at the beginning of the day. Walking by you glance over his shoulder and notice Swift's name for his second period class. "Excuse me," you start, turning around to face him. "Having trouble finding your next class?" "A little," he replies. He looks up at you, but quickly turns back to his schedule. "I just came from math, it's just right down the stairs and to the left," you offer. He turns to look at you again. He smiles and says, "Thank you. My name's Zackary, by the way. Zack." He offers you a hand and you take it. "_______," you answer, "nice to meet you. I didn't see you at the junior high last year..." "We're new in town," he explains. "Just moved from the coast of California." He turns to walk away and you notice a shell necklace with the letter "L" hanging off the side. Turning away, you glance at your schedule one more time and take the next flight of stairs up.
  3. After school you decide to walk to your favorite place in the city: a small hill with a summit that spreads a half-mile from the center. You sit down and pull out your tote bag, working on the many crosswords teachers give out at the beginning of the year for students to learn the rules of the classroom in a 'fun and entertaining' way. ** Sighing you put your finished crosswords back in your bag and start heading toward the far side of the hill to go home. Halfway down the slope you notice a couple of guys riding boards down the steep dirt ledge this side of the high school. You don't realize how fast they're coming until one almost hits you, then quickly pulls a 180 and comes back to help you catch balance. "Watch where you're going, you big lug," you mumble fanning a cloud of dirt away from your face. "Sorry, kid," he came. "Lost control for a second there. I'm Dannon." You regret your sharp comment looking up to see Dannon towering over you. "Oh, you go to Rory Hills High?" you ask him trying to seem nicer. "Junior year," he replies proudly. "You?" "Just out of the junior high." "A word of advice, I'm one of the nicer juniors around. I wouldn't be so quick to bite at any others, mate. It's a scary class," he jokes at you. "Well, thanks. I should be getting home." The two of you say goodbye and you continue home.
  4. The next morning you step outside with a muffin in hand and close and lock the door behind you. Turning around you look to the neighbor's door to see Zack pulling the door closed behind him too.
  5. Zack must've noticed you because he waited at the edge of his driveway and smiled at you when you caught up. "Want some?" You tear the muffin in half and hand one to him. "Thanks, _______," he said. "So," you start, trying to make small talk, "how's the city treating you?" "Rory Hills is definitely better than the coast," Zack replies, "but I could do without the random patches of dirt everywhere." Both of you chuckle a little, and your conversation gets more in-depth as you continue to walk. "Want to eat lunch together?" he asks you, looking down as you reach the front doors of the school. "Absolutely." Looks like you two are really hitting it off.
  6. "Page twenty," Swift says and writes on the blackboard. "Problems 1-50." As the rest of the class groans, she adds, "Don't worry, they're multiple choice for evaluation only. Just write the letter." The teacher sits down. You notice a sticky note on the side of your desk that wasn't there two minutes ago and read it: 'Friend's having a party, I can invite a few people. Want to come? -Jack.' You look over at him and notice he'd been staring at you since you read the note. You smile and nod your head, and he gestures to pick you up at four tonight.
  7. "Hey Dannon!" you call as you notice the same boarders as there were yesterday. It might be just you, but you think you notice a glint of disappointment as you turn back to tell him who Dannon is. Turning back around, Dannon's standing right in front of you. "I heard you're hitting the party tonight," he says smiling. Shocked you turn back at Zack, but he just gives you a sad look and turns and walks away. You wish you could go after him. "Did I say something?" Dannon asked. "Oh well.'re going with little that it?" "Yeah," you sigh. You tell him you have to be on your way (you don't mention Jack's picking you up soon) and head toward home.
  8. You arrive home to tell your parents you're headed to a party in ten minutes and rush into your bedroom. You pull open your closet doors and pull out a long, plain dress (don't wanna stand out TOO much!).
  9. Jack picks you up--he's obviously been saving the front seat for you, you decide when you notice the three boys crammed in the back of the car. "Hey _______, glad you could come!" he says as he pulls away from the curb. "It's not a long drive, don't worry." He winks at you and gestures to the boys in the back, who are acting like maniacs. ** Like Jack said, it's not long before you arrive to a huge house with the music blaring so loud you can hear it out in the car. Jack opens the door for you and you step out and thank him. Once you're inside, he immediately offers to grab you a soda. "Sure," you say, looking around. A few seconds later you locate Dannon and start to walk up to him, but stop dead in your tracks when you notice another girl walk up and hug him.
  10. So, first quiz. Who's it gonna be, on first impression?

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