Rhode Island Quiz

Ok, so you think you know Lil' Rhody, do you? Here's a chance to find out. This quiz is crafted with love by an RI exile living in Philly. Some of the answers are easy to find, but others are little cultural oddities of the Ocean State that hopefully won't be so easy to guess.

If you don't know the answers to the questions here, spend some time in the wonderful state of RI. If you know all the answers, you are a lucky soul--breathe in that sea air!

Created by: Beth Aronson
  1. What is Allie's
  2. What is a clam cake?
  3. Of all the states, RI has
  4. Where do you buy a cabinet?
  5. Who is Buddy Cianci?
  6. Which is a correct list?
  7. Which is a correct list?
  8. What makes Brown's band unique?
  9. Beavertail is
  10. What is a packy?
  11. In the winter, which of the following schools will have plenty of snow days?
  12. Before it was called CCRI, what was the name of the public two-year college in the state?
  13. The Great Swamp Fight was
  14. New Shoreham is
  15. What makes Tiverton and Little Compton unusual?
  16. If you live in Wakefield and there's a good movie playing in Warwick
  17. Those who commute north on 95 to Providence get the dubious pleasure of seeing
  18. Which of the following is not a Newport Mansion?

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