Residential Construction Quiz

It always helps to know a few terms and concepts about your house if you ever need a repair or have a project you want to do. Here is a quiz that tests your knowledge of some basic building principles commonly used in the US in residential wood frame construction.

Take the quiz to find out if you should hire your projects done, do them yourself, or whether you should be hiring yourself out. Of course it helps to be knowledgeable so I have provided the answers at the end.

Created by: Dave
  1. What are the pieces of wood called that hold up your floor? (If you go into your basement and look up, these are the pieces on edge)
  2. what are the pieces of wood called that hold up your roof. (if you go into your attic and look up, these are the pieces on edge)
  3. what is the piece of wood on the outside of your house that the rain gutters are mounted to?
  4. what do you call the end of the house that looks like a triangle?
  5. what do you call the upright pieces in a wall?
  6. in modern construction in the U.S., which of the following provides wind bracing (keeps a house from blowing over)?
  7. what prevents the weight of roof shingles, ice, and snow from making a roof sag and push outward on a house's walls?
  8. which of the choices below would be make the steepest roof?
  9. which way is a piece of wood strongest (viewed from the end)?
  10. what is the best way to make sure a building, wall, or window has four corners of 90 degrees?
  11. which tends to have more strength laterally?
  12. which resists being pulled out better?

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