Renee's quiz about herself

Do you know who i am.... Hopefully this will help the both of us decide whether you are or are not worthy of both our time ok ao i am adding in some more stuff here so that this thing will accpet my quiz.

Do you have the ability to get 100% or close for that matter cause no one is perfect! i am done saying what i want and this thing is making me say some more and i really really dont want to

Created by: renee
  1. What do i find as a major turn on in guys?
  2. What is my favourite musical movie?
  3. Where in the world is My older brother?
  4. When is my birthday and how old will i be?
  5. Who is by Far the coolest girl i know?
  6. who is by far the coolest guy i know
  7. Am i dating anyone at the moment
  8. what is the name of MY fish?
  9. what is the name of the worst book ever written?
  10. What IS my favourite AUSTRALIAN tv show?
  11. What is my favourite NON AUSTRALIAN tv show?
  12. What is my Favourite place to be with my best friends?
  13. What is my 2nd favourite place to be with my family
  14. what kinda of syndrome do i have
  15. what is the name of the little red hot box that i drive around?

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