This is a pointless random quiz about old rock legends. if you have nothing else to do and want a laugh then take this quiz and cheer yousrelf up. How much of a stalker are you?

How much of a stalker are you?-take this quiz and you'll find out. Also have fun guessing "What band friend woke up in a room full of sheep" "Who killes Alice Cooper's snake" and "Who died?"

Created by: MiSs_CrImInAl
  1. Who's symbol is the "ZOSO?"
  2. Who had a son who was his ex-wife's nephew?
  3. What band tricked a member in a castle that there was a ghost?-They did this by using a fishing rod...
  4. A friend of the band _____ woke up one morning in his country cottage and was surrounded by sheep that had "wondered" in from the fields. What band was this?
  5. A riot was started in St. Louis by what member of Guns N Roses?
  6. What Guns N Roses album did it have a hidden message in the credits?
  7. (continued from 6)...what was the hidden message?
  8. The Led Zeppelin album cover of "Houses of The Holy" has been banned in...
  9. Jimmy Page reveals that former President George W. Bush wrote him and asked for permission to use their song title "Good Times, Bad Times" as the title for his upcoming autobiography. Page emailed him back with a five-word reply...
  10. The name of the bar that Nikki Sixx first saw Mick Mars play at was...
  11. When "Poison" arrived in LA, what were they dubbed by the fans from the local clubs as?
  12. Which one of Poison's albums had a majorr cover change because Wal-mart said it was unacceptable?
  13. What member of Iron Maiden is qualified as a commercial airline pilot and has experienced success in fencing and being a novelist?
  14. From Metallica who said- "It was awful living with Lars. He smelled really bad."
  15. Which member of Metallica had a father who was a professional tennis player?
  16. What 3 muscian's died in a car accident? (Not at the same time)
  17. The the Slayer song-"213" has something to do with Jeffrey Dahmer, but what?
  18. Which Alice Sooper album provided each copy of the original pressing, a pair of paper panties?
  19. During a GNR tour with Motley Crue, Steven Adler broke his hand. How?
  20. How many times was GNR frontman, Axl Rose, arrested as a youth?
  21. What is the name of Stevie Nick's publishing company?
  22. What was the restaraunt on "Saturday Night Live" that feauted Stevie Nick's name?
  23. What member of Led Zeppelin has/had the nickname: Bonzo
  24. "This is Spinal Tap" is a movie from the 80's. It has a lineup of drummers who die in very weird ways. At the beginning they talk about the most recent death. What celebrity was this based on?
  25. In 1997 Alice Cooper's snake was killed. What by?
  26. What punk musican dated Nauseating Nancy Spungen but ended up murd£ring her?

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