Real biker or just own a bike?

There are many motorcycles out there. Many are ridden daily and have as many miles as a car. But there lots of them that just sit in the garage and rot.

What kind of a biker are you? Or do you just own a bike? This quiz will let you know where you're at. Ride alot? Ride in the rain? Ride to work? Answer these and more to find out.

Created by: Ninja

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  1. How many miles do you ride a year?
  2. It's going to rain. Will you still ride?
  3. Why does your bike get unused for long periods of time?
  4. Do you do your own maintenence?
  5. Do you ride to work?
  6. Someone invites you to go on a 800 mile trip. You answer
  7. Why did you buy your bike.
  8. Name your favorite quality of a motorcycle.
  9. Why do you ride?
  10. Where is your bike most likely to be found?

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