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This is the rapper personality quiz where ill ask you 10 questions and you must answer honestly and at the end youll see who your most relatable rapper is

This quiz is to see who is your most relatable rapper its simple you read the senario carefully and answer with what you would do in that situation. Good luck

Created by: Jacob mergel

  1. If you see a homeless person sitting what will you do?
  2. If you were to see a kid in the bathroom smoking what will you do
  3. You see a girl/boy on a park bench sitting all alone what will you do
  4. Your half sister is coming out as gay what will you do?
  5. Your mom is sick and she gives you $10 so you can get someting you want what will you do
  6. Your grandma is 112 years old and is in the nursing home since she was 97 she really wants to see her only grandson/grandaughter
  7. You see a 100 dollar bill fall out of someones wallet what will you do
  8. You are all alone and three armed men approach you...
  9. Your friend accidently left his phone at your house...
  10. Your mother has left you home alone...

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