What main parappa the rapper anime character are you

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This is a quiz which describes what main or most known or seen Parappa the rapper anime character you are in fact if you must know i am a big fan of Parappa the rapper both the games and the anime.

This is a quiz describing what anime character from parappa the rapper anime you will be well which main or most seen character you will be i wish you luck

Created by: Rootthelucario
  1. What is your personality
  2. which of the following are you good at
  3. are you manly or girly
  4. Are you kind or mean
  5. Do you like to go on adventures through the city and be a hero like the ones in animes
  6. Have you ever done sins before
  7. Do you have any Hobbies
  8. Are you a male or female
  9. Which of the following names do you like or worship
  10. if there were a crisis and you can only save you or your friends who would you save
  11. Do you like Rap
  12. Is parappa the rapper your favorite anime character of all times

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Quiz topic: What main parappa the rapper anime character am I