Randomness. Yay!

Welcome to the random quiz that I made! So that is really all I can say.. but if I like wrote what I was going to say on here on a piece of paper. THAT IS RETARDED.

I like birdies, bunnies, South park, Family guy, American dad, Austin and Ally, rainbows, thunderstorms, Ross Lynch, Joe Jonas, Drake Bell, Josh Peck, and more!

Created by: InfinityGAL

  1. So I'll just be playing around with the South Park characters in this quiz. Kay kay?
  2. But mummmmmmm! >:(
  3. My my poker face my my poker face da da da!
  4. I'mma vampire! Grrrrr!
  5. >:O
  6. Umm I think this is how you do it...
  7. Well...
  8. Hey ginger!
  9. What's your favorite South Park character? Outta these!!
  10. Bye!

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