Ok so this is a pretty random quiz but it involves a preview of a story I might write called "love of the night" and I like grapes and I'm just trying to fill this space!

ok I made this quiz because I am bored so DOORKNOBS! Also if any of you guys play Animal Jam comment and i think coconuts are way over rated it is obviously BANANA TIME! (It is clear I am hungry and you will see through out the quiz)

Created by: wolf_heart

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  1. Ok so I'm gonna say random stuff from books, my life, etc. MEMO!
  2. I like peanut butter!!!
  3. Jump around NOW!!!
  4. If you didn't jump around just now ryley will go and TELL YOUR STANKIN' CRUSH YOU LIKE HIM!!!
  5. I don't wanna lose ya now- I'm lookin right at the other half of me!
  6. Quick! 2300067í· 37
  7. I like smileys!!!!!!!!! :-)
  8. I got a sticker! Then max bit my cootie catcher!
  9. BOO!!
  10. Eeeewwwww D just called me!
  11. Sample of my new story:
  12. I slid into my seat in homeroom. Ugh. It was Monday. THAT didn't help with my mood. I still couldn't believe tyler dumped me. The nerve! Suddenly a boy walked in. He seemed new. He had wavy/shaggy brown hair, deep green eyes, faint freckles and he was tall. He was carrying a green backpack. He slid into the seat next to me. "What's your name?" He asked. Uh, Autumn" I said. "Cool I'm Brandon." He replied. "I like your shirt!" He complimented me. "I really like the beatles too." I blushed. For a moment his eyes glowed violet but then he shook his head and they turned normal again.
  13. Ok so if you have any ideas for my story post in the comments and it has to be an idea for a boy

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