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This quiz isn't a quiz. It's just about me, and it's random stuff. I hope people take it anyway because I need to level up my account and this is what I did. The rest of my info will be nonsense.

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Created by: Silent Fox
  1. I don't like spiders
  2. I really like bats.
  3. My favorite animals are cats, foxes, wolves, and horses.
  4. If I were a witch, I'd be a dark witch.
  5. Metroid came out on the NES in 1986.
  6. My last fact was not about me. XD
  7. I often wish I could be somebody else.
  8. I don't really like flowers. They look alright, but I don't want to plant them or anything. I'd probably let them die.
  9. I have way too many sketches of Snake and Raiden. And I've probably done over two hundred sketches in the past two years.
  10. I say "like" way too much.
  11. I don't like to sing in front of people but I sing all the time.
  12. I really like squids.

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