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Hi there! This is just a fact quiz about me so you all can get to know me. This has some basic stuff and some random stuff. Hopefully, you'll still be my friend by the end of it.

By the way, do you have Wattpad? I ASK THIS IN EVERY SINGLE QUIZ SO LET'S NOT BREAK THE STREAK! Anyways, I'm just gonna talk now until I get to 150 words. There we go! Enjoy~!

Created by: birchiewoof

  1. Hi. I wanted to make a quiz, but idk what to do it about. So here you go, you get a fact quiz. Yay.
  2. I am very lazy. My hobbies include reading, reading, reading, and I do a bit of writing. I like to read on the beanbag in my room. There is now a permanent mould of my body in the beanbag.
  3. My favourite animal is a snowy owl, it has been that for about a year now. Ever since I got a puppet that is a snowy owl and fell in love with the animal. Her name is Flower (or Ruva) and she is my baby.
  4. Here's a fun story. Once upon a time, I was shopping on amazon when suddenly I saw something interesting. It was a very realistic tortoise figurine. I immediately bought it because it called to me. His name is now Tiny Tortoise and he has his own terrarium in my room. He also has a wife, a child, and a sister who also has a child. They are my precious tortoise family. (Wife: Teeny Tortoise, Child: Teeny Tiny Tortoise, Sister: Bitty Tortoise, Sister's Child: Itty Bitty Tortoise, Sister's Future Husband: Itty Tortoise)
  5. I like bugs. Now, more than ever. My friends both are doing virtual school and I'm stuck in person because my psychiatrist thinks it will be better for me. I get lonely at school because my only friends aren't there and I don't make friends easily. This is why I like bugs. Sometimes I'll find them in random places in the school. I recently found a moth in the bathroom sink. I just let it sit on my hand until it dried off and flew away. I named it Fiona. It was good company. There's more, but you're probably bored now.
  6. I have two doggies named, Gypsy and Lucy! They are both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, but Gypsy is tricolored and Lucy is brownish-red and white. I also have a Russian Blue cat named Hobo who used to be a stray before he climbed under my Grandma's car and caught a ride. Thus, his name, "Hobo".
  7. My favourite foods are Minestrone soup and French toast sticks. YAY!
  8. I have a little sister who is three years younger than me and I love her. She's kinda like a mini-me but she's honestly one of my closest (and only) friends.
  9. I guess you could say I'm a little bit possessive sometimes. It's a trait I'm trying to fix but with everything else going on, it isn't really my top priority. For example, if I have something and someone tries to use it, or take it from me without my permission then I get really mad. I also get mad when my friends hang out with other people. Especially when I don't know about it. Don't worry though! I'm the silent angry type because I'm scared of hurting people's feelings, so I won't ever be rude. (Not on purpose, anyway.)
  10. That's all for now. I might make a part 2 tomorrow so look out for that. I hope you haven't decided against being my friend now q^q.

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