Random stuff...

Okay just so u know this quiz is just for fun. its totally random and i was totally bored and it has no right or wrong answer and nothing counts just take it for fun cause i made it for fun!!!....and cause i was bored!

And for those of you who are most likely to comment "wtf is this crap???" don't. okay?? its just for randomness so dont get ur undies in a twist okay?!?!

Created by: heyilikepie

  1. Okay, just for your information.... i was bored and this quiz doesn't have to do with anything and it just has random question and stuff and no right answer xD yeahh i was bored...did i say that already?
  2. So..hows life?
  3. What's your favorite food?
  4. Moo i'm a _____
  5. What time is it?
  6. Wanna play a game? ;)
  7. RELAX!!! I WAS TALKING ABOUT PLAYING HIDE N SEEK, GOSH!!! >:( ur ruined my mood...now i dont wanna play anymore :\
  8. Marshmallows are...
  9. Favorite smiley?
  10. Do you like................................................chess??!
  11. Do you have a pet?
  12. Just so u know this quiz goes on for a while.... like for a billion question!!
  13. Bored??
  14. I like ducks.
  15. Okay, wanna hear a joke!!??
  16. :\ Wanna hear a joke?!
  17. Grr.... wanna hear a joke?!?
  19. Going back to that last question, i don't really live in Finland....tht was the first thing tht popped up in my mind
  20. Is this quiz getting annoying??
  21. This quiz is getting really pointless now... xD
  22. Are you a boy or girl?
  23. Yeah im getting bored now. im done with this quiz..
  24. Are ya gonna miss me??
  25. Want me to make another?
  26. Want me to make another?
  27. You want me to continue on this one some more?
  28. Awwww, fine. If you insist!! I never knew you loved me so much! :')
  29. Lol jk. SEE YA!!
  30. wait tht was question 29.... just to make it a nice even number ill add one more question....soo...wassup dawg?

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