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This is exactly what it sounds like, if you don't know what MHA is you will be severely confused on certain parts. Which of these fan made quirks would you have? There are no main canon out right stated quirks.

ALSO if u do not know what a quirk is its just a super power, sometimes with more elaborate twists or drawbacks that comics don't often introduce. So please enjoy.

Created by: Chase
  1. What type of quirk are you interested in the most?
  2. When in a crisis situation where would you flourish?
  3. How would someone describe you the best?
  4. You're facing off against an Villain alone, you know nothing of their quirk nor do you know how they'll react to yours, how do you approach?
  5. Which of these public figures interest you the most?
  6. What would you consider yourself/character in the MHA/BNHA universe?
  7. Which of these quirks do you like the sound of? (None of these are the answers, it's just another way to give you a mixed result and maybe inspire you)
  8. Which of these Hero Agencies would you be most interested in going to?
  9. Roll an 8 sided die, which villain are you fighting? (Google has virtual die you can use)
  10. Where would you rather enroll, U.A. or Shiketsu?
  11. Which of these students would you want to spar with?
  12. Which of these Students would you like to sit with at lunch?
  13. Roll an 8 sided die, one of these heroes will come to assist you against the villain you got earlier.
  14. Fate

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