Random. Or is it?

Hello. I've heard people complain to me about how dull their life is. I don't blame them. Their lives WERE incredibly dull. So I told them to try my random quiz. They were so thrilled when they finished. Except one who got a zero... Anyway, you should definitely check it out and spruce up your life!

Are you as dull as a sack of socks laying in a mud puddle, constantly getting run over by cars driven by drivers who just don't care? Spice up your life with a little randomness. Taking this quiz will do just that. Each question is uniquely designed to test your randomness levels. Man, you have to try it.

Created by: kkkyle
  1. When going out to dinner, how often do you burst out laughing even though no one made a joke?
  2. Are you right-handed or left-handed?
  3. How often do you have to think about what you're about to say?
  4. Do you ever mismatch socks? Especially black and white ones?
  5. When you grow up, which would you rather be?
  6. What kind of computer would you get?
  7. How often do you laugh when someone says "poop"?
  8. What do these numbers mean to you: 333
  9. Do an MRI to look for the clot.
  10. If you could eat anything that's not edible, which would you rather eat?
  11. How many questions do you think this quiz should have?
  12. If Timmy has 2 apples and Kathy takes away 4, how many apples does Timmy have?
  13. «��æ�÷���ø�¨¥�®´��å���©���¬µ���ç�Ω¡�£¢�§¶�ªº��±»�����¿�¯���¨��������·�
  14. Well, I was just watching TV and I saw the Kinoki Footpads commercial and I was thinking, why would someone make something THAT stupid?
  15. What kind of phone do you think is the most popular?
  16. What's your favorite word?
  17. You go into a mattress store and look around. A man comes up to you and says "May I help you? Perhaps a mattress?" What DO you do?
  18. If you had a baby boy, what name would you give him?
  19. How many questions do you think is left? And don't cheat! Punk.
  20. How do you spell Renaissance?
  21. Finish the sentence: 800-588-2300 ______ today.
  22. Enter a question:
  23. Well, sorry. But this is the last question. After this, you'll know how random you are. I- (sob) -I'm so sorry.

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