Random Facts For You

Hey you, yeah you. you think you got what it takes to ace my test? I threw some nice curve balls in it, so if you get 100% great job. I would be quite surprised. WE ARE ALL SMART FRIGGIN COOKIES I TELL YOU, ALL OF US!

You should not cheat because cheeting isnt nice. dont cheat. dont dance in the rain naked. i like bacon. ugh. that wasnt enough characters aparently. well im a smart cookie and so are all of you. dont forget that

Created by: ptvfan0620

  1. A clouds underside is...
  2. How much water should you drink daily?
  3. J.D. Salinger is a/n...
  4. How was the Black/Bubonic Plaque first spread?
  5. Pierce The Veil is a/n...
  6. There are.... Days in a year.
  7. Which hair color is more rare?
  8. I own a tiny cactus named...
  9. AMSL is...
  10. A head cold can also be reffered to as a/n

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