Rainbows are cool.

This quiz is going to score you on your knowledge of.... ready... RAINBOWS! You might want to chew some Stride gum while taking this quiz, because it will definitely be a little bit epic. You do not have to comment, or rate if you don't want to. Have fun.

This may not be the best quiz in the world, it might even be the worst quiz in the world, but hey! At least I had the courage to make something that lets people judge me. I will not be offended from some random person I don't know saying I did awful. Anyway, rainbows... yeah... >.>

Created by: TNMEBDMS girl and friend
  1. How many colors are in the rainbow?
  2. Which of the following colors are NOT in the rainbow?
  3. What is the acronym for the rainbow?
  4. Are rainbows cool?
  5. What "scientifically" is a rainbow.
  6. What is the first color in the rainbow?
  7. What's the last color in the rainbow?
  8. What color is in the rainbow?
  9. What is the 8th color in the rainbow?
  10. What is the 4th color in the rainbow?

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