Rachel Clara's Ultimate Knowledge Quiz

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Rachel Clara is not a very well-known character. I made her up, and she used to have a website. But it crashed a while ago. If you are taking this quiz, thank you so much.

Can you ace this quiz? Do you know anything about Rachel Clara, or are you clueless? Either way, a lucky guess could mean you get a good score. You will find out!

Created by: R.C.'s Creator

  1. What is Rachel Clara's middle name?
  2. What is Rachel Clara's best friend's name?
  3. Rachel Clara's last name is what?
  4. Nele O-Mally, one of R.C.'s friends, has lots of siblings. What are their names?
  5. Nele O-Mally's mother and father died when she was young. Her oldest sister adopted her. Is this true or false?
  6. Nele goes to what college?
  7. Rachel Clara has how many sisters?
  8. Rachel Clara's sisters' names are:
  9. Who is Nele O-Mally going to get married to?
  10. R.C.'s oldest sister is married. What is her daughter's name?

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