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  • we and my new man but for along time disagrred on a few loved it we are closer ride ride sally ride

    loraine Sep 21 '15, 10:21AM
  • Lousy quiz by someone who obviously isn't a "biker".
    I gave up once I saw that HELLS ANGELS was misspelled.
    A real biker would know what I'm talking about.

    stevejobsdied Aug 15 '13, 2:57PM
  • where r the actual answers?.....for those of us who are new to riding! Thanks!

    lizjnicholson Jun 17 '13, 10:33AM
  • you should have the answers posted on the page after you submit the answers. I'd like to know the correct answers are to the ones I got wrong

    lizjnicholson Jun 17 '13, 12:33AM
  • that was fun, 85% biker, 15% newfie, guess there's always room for improvement!!!!

    phantomrider Oct 7 '12, 11:17AM
  • i have been riding since i could reach the foot pages my dad is a biker and the whole family rides peole at school sead that motercycles are dangersand i say thats y i love them and im not scared i my only be 16 but i live to ride and ride to live i took this test for fun and got a good score but a biker is not a person it a way of life

    RACHELlive2ride Nov 13 '11, 4:22PM
  • Can't believe I got a 100! Can't remember any quiz I made a 100 on even though high school and college! Guess it helped riding for some 47 years and even owned the shovel head, panhead and baggers!

    Morti Oct 15 '11, 6:03AM
  • if you have to take a f---en quiz to see if u r a real biker or not...that should answer any questions u have...

    bad_gurrrl Jan 28 '11, 12:07AM
  • only got 81% but hey I ride proper bikes on the best bendy roads - not a Harley on long straight ones

    Abs Dec 15 '09, 6:10AM
  • Got 83%, means my english sucks, because I'm from Brazil.

    Hey, here are some bikers too, not only apes, carnival and beautifull woman.

    Regards, friends!

    w w w . oldtimeschoppers . com . br

    BrunoLGiordano Jun 2 '09, 11:59PM
  • I got 100%.I've been on bikes for 48 years.I ride better than 100 miles every day.I didn't need a test to tell me what I am ,but I wanted to see if the guy that made up the test knew anything.

    Caretaker Feb 28 '09, 2:11PM
  • mogen got 100% OOOOOOOOWELL

    mogen Dec 30 '08, 1:54PM
  • Got a 93, which mean some smuck thinks he's a biker because he got a higher score. Or means I disagree with answers, and I'm right because I was out riding while test was being written

    seehawk Dec 27 '08, 11:22AM
  • Hey I got 91% Not to shabby considering I haven't ridden yet!

    NIGHT OWL Nov 24 '08, 6:12AM
  • try this one :http://machinemuse um.net/KMain/motorc ycle/MotoQuiz.html

    looloo Nov 2 '08, 9:09PM
  • lots of cliche yank stuff here,took me a couple of tries to get 100%

    looloo Nov 2 '08, 9:01PM
  • good quiz, i got 100%, tho some of the American terms for what things are called nearly caught me out,

    rampy Aug 15 '08, 11:27AM
  • 53% pretty good seeming so I have not got a clue about this!

    Amme_Jayne Jun 30 '08, 12:15PM
  • Ya yhats a pretty good quiz. others would have been more anoying

    BostonMike Jun 7 '08, 1:40PM
  • YES! 100% here baby! It's a good day in my neighborhood. I am ready to ride!

    purplekenzie2001 Apr 30 '08, 3:06PM
  • Yup, another 100%er here. Been riding since sometime in the mid '70s. Current ride is an '04 FatBoy

    NJFatBoy Apr 12 '08, 3:37AM
  • What a awesome birthday present. I am now a OFFICIAL BIKER! Wow! I scored 100% and today is my birthday. It must be true with age comes wisdom! LOL 49 years young single woman learned to ride during the summer of 72. Today I ride a Honda Shadow Sabre 1100.

    sunfire1196 Apr 12 '08, 12:12AM

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