r u a girly girl or a tomboy

there are many girly girls!! And there are also many tomboys too!! which one are you? if you don't know which one you are then take this quiz to find out!! hope you like this quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are you a girly girl???? or are you a tomboy???? if you don't know then you can take this quiz to find out!!!! in just a few minutes you will know if you are a girly girl or a tomboy! hope you like this quiz!!

Created by: nicole

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  1. would u rather wear high heels or sneakers?
  2. would u rather play sports or go shopping the whole day?
  3. ok don't hate me for this but i have to!! whats ur favorite color??
  4. do u like to dress up
  5. do u like to wear makeup a lot of makeup
  6. would u rather wear a dress with high heels or jeans, a t-shirt, sneaker, and a hoody
  7. would u rather watch hannah montana or man vs wild?
  8. wat music would u rather lisen to? miley cyrus or three days grace?
  9. do u like this quiz so farr? dis will not efect ur score
  10. okay last question! would u rather go out with the really cute nerd in your science class or the captian of the football team thats a really big jerk?

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