R u a GINGER!?!?!?

i bet u r taking this quiz to see if u r a ginger....they r sorta rare so good luck!:) i wish i didn't have to type soooo much! ugh they don't like "repetitive charachters" i bet you didn't know its a lot easier to take a quiz than to make one! i don't know what else to write...uh blah blah blah!

ugh! another paragraph to write! what is this english class? blah blah blah blah...i don't even read these paragraphs when i take a quiz! why are the letters called "charachters" anyway? i really don't get it!

Created by: i 3 gingers!btw 3=a heart

  1. What is ur hair color?
  2. What is ur fav song?
  3. do u like harry potter?
  4. do u even know what a ginger is?
  5. Why r u taking my quiz?
  6. what r u doing right now?
  7. r u ready for ur answer?
  8. Do you like this quiz?
  9. do u like someone?
  10. this is the last question!

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