Mysterious & Unexpected Events Part Three

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Okay, welcome to Mysterious & Unexpected Events Part Three. If you didn't take one and two, you wouldn't understand what's going on. Its sorta of a muggle and Harry Potter crossover, thing xD

Umm...You're awesome the way you are! I love Harry's Patronus ! ^.^ Hehee....I cried again today because I watched the last days on set of Harry Potter, it was just so sad :(

Created by: Aria
  1. Hi there! So there are a few shout outs I would like to start off with. Oops! My name is Aria and this is Mysterious & Unexpected Events Part Three. Firstly to TheRecklessBam, she has been there for me when no one else has, she was my shoulder to cry on and I knew I could always count on her, she's my internet sister who was just too kind to make a quiz for me when i was in the hospital and one day, we'll just be sisters. You know why? Because she's awesome like that ! xD
  2. Anyway, now to natuhleegayle. She was the first person i contacted because....I just thought of her (: She's my inspiration, the one who got me to start writing. We're friends and I think we can always be friends (:
  3. . Now to Jaime, HogwartsLove, PuffBall, and PuffBall. And...angelic4. These people made quizzes for me when I was in the hospital. I can't thank them enough. Most of them don't know me personally but they were generous enough to care for me, even if it's true the internet.
  4. Also, to WTF_NINJA. That's my personal advisor and wedding planner. Oh yes, she's going to plan my wedding with Oliver! (: YAY, Now, without further ado, let's begin the story, or continue I shall say! ^_^
  5. Oh wait, I have one more announcement, would everyone please please go check out this awesome series called, "Wasn't Magic Supposed to Make Life Easier?" Thanks x
  6. Recap: Everyone looked at me, shocked. I repeated it and went further on, "Voldermort," there were gasps but I ventured on, "He killed my parents. I am going to avenge them. They didn't deserve to die. I'll give you some time to think about this." I finished and took a seat next to Ron. I asked, "So what's the latest news on Harry?" He shrugged, "I don't know. That was a good short speech you give there. I hope they induct you into the Order." I smiled at him but give him a proper introduction. He promised he won't tell anyone that I'm Harry's sister. He replied, "I'm Ron Weasley," obviously, "It's good to meet you Violet. Harry's lucky to have a sister like you." Suddenly the door opened, interrupting our conversation but I saw someone I knew. Someone I never thought I'd see. This person was the person who saved me when I was a baby.
  7. There stood a greasy haired man. In black robes. His hair was all in his face and he said, directly at Dumbledore, "I'm here for the meeting." My voice got stuck in my throat. How did I remember he saved me when I was a baby? Am I having some sort of flashback? I felt some deep connection with him. I went up to him and inquired, "Who are you?" "Severus Snape." It was hard for me to breathe. Snape...the name I carried for fourteen years. I nodded and he made his way to the sitting room. I saw everyone stood up and made their way to the kitchen. It had a long row of tables and chairs. I watched as Severus Snape clutched his left arm. It was burning him. It- meaning the Dark Mark. "Death Eater," I spat, not loud enough for anyone but myself to hear. A Death Eater was someone who works for Voldermort. I murmured, "I'm Violet Lily Potter. I went under another name before, your name. I was Violet Lily Snape." He showed no emotion whatsoever, "I know." I was starting to dislike him but I needed to know more about him. From what Dumbledore told me, he switched sides. He switched from Voldermort's side to Dumbledore's side. I don't know if it's true though. How can I know if it's true? My mind is always in some other place, wandering off in a meadow full of unicorns! Haha, just kidding. I said to Snape, "I'm not attending Hogwarts. I'm staying in the muggle world." "I see." Okay, to be perfectly honest, the silence was killing me so I confidently drew myself up to his height and interjected, "Why are you so quiet?" He monotonously said, "Lil"”Ms Potter, I don't see how that is any of your concern or business. Now, excuse me. I have important matters to attend to." Cold, harsh and cruel! Three words I used to describe this stupid man. Before I could say anything else, Dumbledore barged in. He smiled, "Ah, Violet. I see you have met the Potions Master at Hogwarts." He turned to Snape, "Are you attending to your....duties?" Snape's lip curled, "yes." Prof. Dumbledore clasped his hands together, "Well that settles it then. Severus, Violet, take your seats." For a while I wondered why Severus Snape called me Lily. Yeah my middle name is Lily but could it be like I look TOO much like my mother? What duties were Dumbledore talking about? As usual, my thoughts were interrupted by Molly Weasley. She asked, "Do you want anything to drink dear?" I shook my head, no. My eyes were completely transfixed on Snape. It was as though he had some mysterious past that I knew of. I didn't remove my eyes until the kitchen door was open and I smelled a werewolf. Wait, did I just say that? Two familiar men came in. The first I recognised as Sirius Black. The second was Remus Lupin. I introduced myself to them both and Sirius said, "I'm Sirius Black, your godfather." The picture of his smiling face stirred in my head for a while. Where did I see him before? Lupin said, "I'm Remus Lupin. Ex Defence against the Dark Arts teacher," he leaned towards my ear, "Violet, I know you smelt me. I'm the werewolf." I saw Snape shot the both of them poisonous looks and they returned it. I wondered why Snape is treating me as though I'm a freak when he's the one who's always in my dreams telling me it's not safe. Besides, was there a rivalry thing going on between the three of them? I pushed aside my thoughts as Sirius and Lupin took the seats to the right of me. In about five to ten minutes, everyone sat down and a man by the name of Kingsley said, "As everyone knows, we have a special guest with us today, Violet Potter." I saw a bunch of eyes on me and I flushed red with embarrassment. I hated to be recognised. It was so embarrassing and it put me on "˜the spot.' "Ahem," He snapped back all eyes on him, "Yes...yes, we all know she resembles her mother but that doesn't matter at the moment. She wants to be a member of the Order of the Phoenix." There was "it's too risky!" and gasps all around the room. Again, Kingsley continued, "Dumbledore told me that it might actually be a good idea for her to join. I think so too as well." Predictably, there was an outburst out of the angry audience. They complained that a fourteen year old definitely cannot join. I was tired of this. I looked at Dumbledore who seemed to know that I was thinking and he nodded. Cautiously, I stood up from my chair and clearly said, "I might be fourteen. Same age as Mister and Mrs Weasley's kid, Ron and his friend Hermione, etc, etc but the kind of things I've faced already, I know I can fight. I have to join. Don't say I'm going to be safe rather than join the Order. You're wrong. I'm not attending Hogwarts where Dumbledore will be all the time because my uncle is a muggle who detests magic. Anyway, Voldermort is on the loose and I will not rest until Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic believes us. He has to see reason. Anything can be happening as we speak. Innocent lives are being taken and you guys are here, trying to decide whether I should join or not? What will happen next? Maybe Voldermort will hunt down giants and tell them to join him," I led out a cold, high pitch laugh but everyone else in the room that had the expression "˜that's exactly what's happening.' Determined for them to see things from my point of view, I pestered, "My brother escaped from Voldermort by the skin of his teeth, three times already and no one seems to care. The Daily Prophet(wizarding newspapers) thinks he's a lunatic. If Harry died in that graveyard that night, I don't know how I would've been able to grow up knowing that my brother died in vain. I know that it's risky but didn't a great wizard once say, "˜what's a fight without a little bit of show?' Come on people!" By the time I was done, I knew I had them wrapped around my fingers.
  8. After a minute or so, Severus Snape muttered, "Ms Potter should be allowed the chance of experiencing how death is. It's her choice if she wants to be murdered." I realised what he was trying to do. He wanted to protect me from all the dangers that were out there. Suddenly, Dumbledore spoke and all the whispering stopped, "Miss Violet Potter reminds me a lot of her mother. Determination and fighting for what she believes in. Lily and Violet could easily be mistaken for the same person. Violet may be fourteen but I think that she deserves a chance. If she wants to become an Auror which is a dark wizard catcher, or she wants to avenge her parents, she needs to know how to fight and defend herself. Does anyone here realise how she must be feeling at the moment? No. This girl has just found out that her parents are dead. All those in favour of letting her join?" Almost all the people in the room raised their hands. Mrs Weasley, Mundungus Fletcher and Snape didn't raise their hands. Mrs Weasley thought I was too young to fight, Dung wasn't paying attention but I seriously didn't know what was Snape's problem. Kingsley said, "You are now an official member of the Order of the Phoenix." I jumped for joy as elation flooded through my veins. Woohoo! Dumbledore continued, "Well that settles it then. Anyways, as we all might know Lord Voldermort is looking for the prophecy. Does anyone else have any current updates at the Ministry?" Mundungus shot his hand up, "That toad, Under Secretory for the Minister is possibly a death eater." Oh dear Merlin! For a second there I though he was gonna say something sensible but oh well.
  9. My head was down and I was drifting away with my thoughts, into my own private world. No one seemed to notice but I heard the screeching of chairs and footsteps. The meeting was over. I rushed upstairs to tell Ron and Hermione but Dumbledore called me back downstairs. He said, "Violet, you are not to tell Mister Weasley and Miss Granger any crucial information that the order has provided. That is defeating the purpose of you joining the Order." I nodded gravely and he disapparated. I ran upstairs but my laces were loose so I tripped and tumbled down the stairs. Oh Great! Immediately, two red-headed figures popped up in front of me and gestured their hand. I took it willingly and thank them. I introduced myself and they said, "I'm Fred and He's George." I tied my laces and went up the stairs. I said, "Ron, your brothers are so kind." He rolled his eyes, which I found quite funny on guys but Hermione questioned, "What's going on?" I smirked, "I'm in the Order." There were angry outbursts of "No way!" and "How did they let you?" Hermione interjected, "Violet, um...Dumbledore made us swear we won't let Harry anything about the Order, not even where it's located if we're talking to him in a letter." How appalling! That's terribly unfair to Harry. I stammered, "B-but..." Ron stopped dead in his tracks and held me by the shoulders, "None of us wants this but we need what's best for Harry." I nodded. This was still just preposterous! I looked at the grandfather clock, it was seven o' clock already? Wow, Ah Hallows! I said, "Ron, Hermione. I'll owl you both to find out more things or I'll maybe see you soon." They nodded and hugged me goodbye. Mister Weasley escorted me back to my home and carefully instructed, "Vi, Listen to me. You cannot use magic whatsoever." I of course, knew all of this but I nodded all the same and surprisingly enough, I hugged him, tears stung in my eyes.
  10. As I stepped foot inside the house, I expected Skylar to do her usual routine and I would lie but it looked as though she didn't have time to interrogate me as she and my uncle went site seeing. I took my things to my room and took a shower. My room resembled the night sky. There was a queen size bed, a walk in closet and there was another room, extended to my room that had a lot of clothes I never used before. Sitting down to read, I found someone on the couch. For a moment I thought Skylar was not home but I guess I was wrong. Oh wait........Is that Skylar or someone else? I switched on the room light only to see Stephan. How awkward...I asked, "Why aren't you with Skylar and the others?" He smiled, "I don't need to go sightseeing when everything I need to see is right here." I turned scarlet with embarrassment. Seeing as though I didn't want to turn this into an awkward situation, I slyly asked, "Wanna go a singing competition?" He snorted, "Haha, Miss Snape, let's see if you're any good with singing." I laughed as I switched on the screen and A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton was on. I sang, "Making my way down town, walking fast, faces past and I'm home bound. Staring blankly ahead just making my way, making my way through the crowd, and I need you..." I giggled, "I can't continue. I sound horrible and you look constipated." He smirked at me, "I'm just sexy and you know it." He told me I sing better than the real girl who wrote the song and I snorted. He shuffled towards me, his black eyes staring into mines. He wrapped his hands around my waist and I slid mines around his next. I dedicated to take control and make the next move. My lips moved towards him and I felt a rush of pleasant shivers. His lips were soft and gentle but I felt him smiling. He didn't want to let go but neither did i. After what it seemed eternity, I pulled away. He said uncomfortably, "There's something you should know."

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