Quiz for the last full week of June

Our study of Medea will include the written forums, an on-line discussion to which you are all welcome and knowing us a dramatic reading at some point.

So come join us at Hour 25 and catch the Medea fever! It is one of the most amazing Athenian tragedies and contains the most horrific death scene I ever experienced!

Created by: William Moulton
  1. The mortal father of the swineherd Eumaios was whom?
  2. According to one version Theban myth Creon loses a son besides Haemon. Who was this prince that sacrificed himself?
  3. After Ariadne helped him escape the labryinth, what Athenian hero abandoned her on the island of Naxos?
  4. Who turned Odysseus' men into swine?
  5. Midway through Euripides' "Medea" is Princess Glauce's death scene. I think it is the most horrific thing I've ever read! Who was the princess' doomed father?
  6. The goddesses who avenge crime, have hair foul with writhing snakes and grasp smoking torches with their bloody hands. These ancient ones have many names. Which below is NOT one of their names?
  7. The comon epithet for Odysseus is father of Telemachus. Who was the mortal man who raised Odysseus?
  8. Odysseus took off the clothes divine Kalypsō had given him, bound another goddess' veil under his arms, and plunged into the sea. Who was the white goddess that lent him her veil?
  9. Who was the true master poet of Chios ? He was supposedly blind and composed the Iliad if you need more hints.
  10. "So they threw my nurse overboard to the seals and fishes, and I was left all sorrowful and alone. Presently the winds and waves took the ship to Ithaca, where Laertes gave sundry of his chattels for me, and thus it was that ever I came to set eyes upon this country." Who is talking here?
  11. Odysseus took off the clothes Atlas' divine daughter had given him, bound Leucothea's veil under his arms, and plunged into the sea. Who was the goddess that gave him the heavy robes?

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