quiz about plants ( how they make food )

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this quiz is meant to be for my class 5RS in eaton , so it is something about science ! plats ! how they make food ! if you want to lean something about that , be free to play !

i'm just a kid that is nearly 10 yers old and i made this quiz . i know if you think it is bad , i'll say i tried . by the way this is easy ! try it !

Created by: carol xing qianqian

  1. do they make food in their leaves ????????????
  2. they make food with water , carbon dioxide and sun light.
  3. what do they get from the soil ????
  4. the food is sunlight
  5. chrlorophyll is green
  6. photosynthesis make chrlorophyll
  7. they need oxygen to make food
  8. photosynthesis is plats make food using their leaves .
  9. the green things makes the food. is this right ???????
  10. the body dose most of the work ( make the food ) .

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