Purdue football quiz

There are very few purdue fans out there but see if you can guess the answers to these purdue football history questions! See if you can get them right!

Are you a master at sports? Do you know your college football stuff? Well take this quiz and see if you can answer these questions about the college, purdue.

Created by: Greg of Signature sports
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  1. What is the name of purdues football stadium?
  2. Who currently holds the school record for most passing yards in a game?
  3. Who holds the school record for most passing attempts?
  4. How many bowl games has purdue gone to since joe tiller became head coach?
  5. How purdue "P's" are in the Old Oaken Bucket?
  6. What team did purdue play on the schools first ever sunday game.Purdue beat this team 51-0(hint-It was between 2000-2007)
  7. When was the last time Purdue has beaten ohio state at home?
  8. When was purdues last rose bowl appearence?
  9. Who are purdues current receivers?
  10. What trophy do purdue and notre dame play for when competing against each other?

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