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  • "If we have a few students missing then we mark them absent XD"
  • "Feel free to join! You don't really need to ask this time! For some reason I wanna be C10 TvT"
  • "Let's just say we are in an alternative universe ok? C1 is The Happy-Go-Lucky Teacher who takes their class on very normal, I m"
  • I'm back w
    "XD My Dream was actually my vacation and now I forgot what the date is.. *checks computer* Oh anyways can't wait to visit my aunt's house ag..."
  • I'm back w
    "I was on a wonderful dream being murdered by a dog by licks and watching my little brother run away from Snowbee (The name of the dog) while..."
  • Just some roleplay...
    "Oop sorry Lol) She got out the bus and pushed through some random students and entered the school. She then went inside her cla"
  • Just some roleplay...
    "Clover walked into the Bus. She murmured something mean to Kai-ren as she walked past her but it was too quiet to hear. She took a seat and ..."
  • Just some roleplay...
    "Clover woke up after her alarm sounded from her phone. She offed it right away and got her breakfast. She dressed out of her PJs and puts on..."
  • Just some roleplay...
    "Mk I will start"
  • Just some roleplay...
    "I guess we are waiting for Wolf to put her character in here"
  • Just some roleplay...
    "Okie then Wolf I'm C2 XD"
  • Just some roleplay...
    "Okie Spice"
  • Just some roleplay...
    "I'm any CS because I'm letting you guys choose your CS so I would just get what is left."
  • AI Commands
    "*Me being a clueless kid because I know some stuff about V E G I E T A L E S but I don't really like watching it often so I'm sitting in the..."
  • Just some roleplay...
    "Name: Clover Age: 17 Sexuality: Straight Personality: Bubbly, Happy-Go-Lucky, Mean When Offended, Hates Class Appear"

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