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  • "Agree completely! I mean, you can say "It's just what they believe," but... Isn't that kind of true of all homophobes? The logic they used t..."
  • zero's lab
    "started making a quiz but it started getting long... i wonder what the maximum numbers of questions and results are"
  • zero's lab
    "chains of harrow isn’t a terribly long quest, but i’m taking it slow because i like it and want to draw it out, haha. also i took a break to"
  • "Yeah, jackets around the waist were okay at most of my schools. (I’m not 100% sure about the school I went to that had proper uniforms, it w"
  • zero's lab
    "i am very happy that you did! :D"
  • zero's lab
    "do you think the man in the wall will be my friend"
  • zero's lab
    "i'm excited for cross-save in warframe. i've played on pc, ps4, and switch, and it'll be nice to have all my stuff together. i know it's pos..."
  • Sakura No Hato
    "oh, sorry if i was being a bother. i didn't mean to."
  • Sakura No Hato
    "i love persona 5. maybe too much..."
  • zero's lab
    "sooooo i don't want to involve myself in interpersonal drama one day after joining the site, so for no specific reason... the y"
  • "now it's warframe. cross-save is coming..."
  • zero's lab
    "hello i am putting words here. you should put words here too."
  • Espie
    "I'm glad you posted this. I think it's easy for someone like me to see that stuff and go "hahaha those silly christians, they'r"
  • "hey i'm zero. they/them pronouns. i'm 30, dunno how long i'll be active here, but it seems pretty chill. i like drawing, video g"
  • "oh whoops. no urls for me. okay well i'll summarize then. this is for windows, tell me if you need something else. click "audio"

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