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  • Help me write a story!
    ""William" she whispered in a croak. "Yeah?" "I'm fine. No doctor. Promise" she whispered. William sighed still clinging "
  • "sorry didnt know we couldnt do urls"
  • "sorry [url=[no urls] four hogwarts houses[/url]our_hogwarts_]How much do you know about"
  • "[no urls] Anyone want to test there knowledge of hogwarts houses. It is so easy."
  • @HarryPotterSlays
    "The only thing i would change is your sisters name because i already wrote my bff called that"
  • @HarryPotterSlays
    "Chapter 2 - Hayley Sitting there in the hot sweltering heat of the densely pacted airport was exhasting and boring. I was just "
  • @HarryPotterSlays
  • @HarryPotterSlays
    "So you start the story"
  • @HarryPotterSlays
    "You are Brookelyn"
  • @HarryPotterSlays
    "So you have to be a pain in the bum and name yourself something different 😑"
  • @HarryPotterSlays
    "Ok Wat are the names I am hayley You are Ashleigh"
  • @HarryPotterSlays
  • @HarryPotterSlays
    "Ok maybe a bit like a teen drama Or like sisters seperated at birth"
  • RPG group
    "yeah that is great. we just need to wait for a few more people before we can start.πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜›..."
  • RPG group
    "does any one else want to be any characters"

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