Predict Your Future!!

I wanted to create this quiz to fill a personal need. I always loved the "prediction" games as a kid and I am sure many of you out there do or did too. So have fun and see how accurate the quiz really is.

Do you believe the future can be predicted?? Have you ever been to a psychic?? Well in just a few minutes you can take this quiz and see what your future holds!!

Created by: Keri
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. I prefer:
  2. Pick the one that feels right:
  3. Go with your first choice:
  4. Pick a number:
  5. Choose a letter:
  6. My favorite number is 8:
  7. I don't want kids!!
  8. Money is VERY important to me!!
  9. I could live my life with a blue collar worker:
  10. I want to be rich!!!!

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Quiz topic: Predict my Future!!